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I just sent this blast:

I figured I should probably give you all a few tips on how to do a couple of things on the website regarding downloading or uploading files (like a document you would like other group members to review for instance). So here goes,...

First of all you should set up your preferences so that you will be notified when there are updates to the discussion posts you are participating in, as well as so you’ll receive emails from group members who want to tell everyone about something all at the same time (only Lisa and I have this ability so far by the way). So:

Go to (click on) My Settings, and then My Preferences.
Scroll down to the My Email Preferences section and change the first box:
Send me calendar, discussion, and email blasts from
To All group members

Also change the second box:
By default, when replying to a discussion topic:
To Subscribe

Finally scroll down a little more to the Recent Activity Updates section and set that up the way you would like it to be.
When you’re all finished, click the Update button at the bottom.


Okay, now some tips on uploading and downloading files:

The easiest way to download files is to go to the main summary page (the page you get to when you log-in or if you’re already logged in then just click on Summary on the upper left side of the page. Then scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a module called File Cabinet where there will be a list of the 5 newest uploaded files. If one of those is the one you want to download, just click on the file name and you’ll get a pop-up box asking you where you want to save the file to (I’d recommend you save it to your My Document folder or Desktop  so it’s easy to find). If none of those are the file you want to download, then click on More>> at the bottom of that module, and you’ll be brought to the File Cabinet page that will list every file that has been uploaded. There will be a list of folders on the left which when you click on one of them, the files that have been uploaded to that folder will show up on to the right.

 If you want to upload a file, you can go to the File Cabinet page the same way as above, or by putting your mouse cursor over Share then click on File Cabinet. Once on that page click on the folder in the list on the left that you want to upload your file to in order to highlight it. Then click on Upload… and a box will pop up allowing you to find the file on your computer that you want to upload.

I hope this was clear enough, but if not then let me know what wasn’t clear and I’ll try to put it a different way!  =)   This will be a discussion topic in the How We Should Use This Site forum on the website, so if you have any questions ask it there so I can answer it there and anyone else who has that same question will be able to see the answer too.



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