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Posted by Vance / on 03/15/2010 / 0 Comments

Our writer's group has continued to grow as more and more people join us to share and give feedback. As of today, we have 26 members who have joined our online groupsite, and there are some who come to the meetings but haven't joined the online site yet too! 

I've already gotten a lot out of our sessions, and I'm sure the rest of you have as well. And to continue the helpfulness and fairness of our meetings, Lisa has recommended that we put in a little more structure so that everyone has a chance to read some of their work and receive feedback during the allotted time. I think this is a great idea! 

By taking a more structured approach to how long each person takes to read their work and receive feedback, and encouraging each member to write as many comments as possible on their copies, it'll help make our meetings even more productive and helpful than they are now. The comments will be helpful to the writer later on when they go to edit their work, and of course everyone can still use this site if they want to ask for more feedback, post additional work, give advice that they've found helpful, etc.

I really hope that more people start to use this site more in the near future! It's such a useful tool and it's free!!! It doesn't get much better than that. So I would encourage everyone to start using this site more,...it can only benefit you. If you have a question on how to word something or how to do something (find an editor, find an agent, find a publisher, self-publish, etc.), if you have a meeting with an agent or publisher or another writer and they give you advice you think may be helpful to others, or if you have anything else that you think may benefit the other writers in our group or that they could help you with, SHARE IT!   =)

Hopefully we'll see more activity in here during the coming months. I'm looking forward to it!


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